Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 review: top-quality sound with ANC

German true wireless earbuds deliver on sound, have noise cancelling and long battery life in fairly large bodies Sennheiser’s second-generation high-end true wireless earbuds gain noise cancelling and longer battery life to do battle with Sony and Apple. The German firm’s first earbuds were some of the best-sounding available. Now Sennheiser hopes its £280 Momentum True Wireless 2 can steal the show once again. The first thing you notice is just how big the earbuds are. Despite being slightly smaller than the previous versions they are still large, shaped like a fez with the eartip projecting out of one corner. They protrude noticeably from your ear when worn.   They are more comfortable than the previous versions, but still put...

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Beats Solo Pro review: Apple's on-ear noise cancelling headphones

Good sound, battery and noise cancelling, with attractive design and Apple’s H1 chip with Siri and cross-device connectivity Apple-owned Beats is moving into the on-ear noise-cancelling world with the Solo Pro, using the same chips that make the PowerBeats Pro and AirPods so good. The £269.95 Beats Solo Pro blends the design of the firm’s existing Solo with the wired EP headphones for an attractive, modern and fairly sleek design. On-ear headphones sit with the cushions pressing against the ear, as opposed to the larger over-ear headphones that enclose your ear and sit against the side of your head. The Solo Pro are fairly large for on-ear headphones, with the cushions covering my ears.   The leatherette ear cups are...

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Marshall Monitor II ANC review: classic headphones gain noise cancelling

Comfortable, durable, wireless headphones with long battery life and signature sound Marshall’s second iteration of its top Monitor wireless headphones add active noise cancellation and up to 45 hours of battery life while keeping their classic looks. Marshall brand headphones combine powerful, distinctive sound with a classic look reminiscent of the company’s guitar amps. The £280 Monitor II ANC are no exception. The headphones fully enclose your ear with medium-sized cups, comfortable pads and a firm but evenly distributed grip on your head. The headband is lined with leatherette-covered foam and does a good job of staying put without too much pressure on your skull. Despite being Marshall’s largest headphones, the Monitor II are comparatively small and discreet with a relatively...

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Galaxy Buds+ review: Samsung's AirPods killers are now for everyone

Small, comfortable true-wireless earbuds, good sound, last ages, with a pocketable case and iPhone app Samsung’s second-generation Galaxy Buds+ correct a few mistakes and are now fully iPhone compatible, making them some of the very best standard true-wireless earbuds for just about anyone. There is no shortage of good true-wireless earbuds in 2020, but Samsung’s £159 Galaxy Buds+ look to take the crown as the best set without noise cancelling. Launched alongside the Galaxy Z Flip and S20 line, the earbuds are practically identical to their predecessors, which is a very good thing. They are exactly the same size and shape as the old ones, but are 0.7g heavier at 6.3g per bud, not that I could tell, even side-by-side....

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Amazon puts delivery robots on streets – with a human in tow

Six-wheeled robots launching in US can autonomously follow route and dodge pedestrians Amazon’s drone delivery service may be missing in action but the company has not given up on its dream of robots delivering parcels. It is launching Amazon Scout, a service employing six squat six-wheeled delivery robots, across Snohomish County, Washington, just north of its Seattle HQ. “These devices were created by Amazon, are the size of a small cooler and roll along sidewalks at a walking pace,” the head of the Scout project, Sean Scott, wrote in a blogpost. “The devices will autonomously follow their delivery route but will initially be accompanied by an Amazon employee. “We developed Amazon Scout at our research and development lab in Seattle, ensuring the devices...

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